On May 14, 2018, at 1:18 PM, <ettamae@> wrote:
My Friend your show blew me away last night!! Lucinda, Carolyn, Sue and that gorgeous hunk of female, Beth Hart :)

In high school days, I had Humble Pie's "Eat It" live album. First time I heard Black Coffee. I honestly thought Beth was Steve Marriott !!

Thanks for all you do, I learn every week how much I don't know :)


Name - Bill Kolstad
Subject -Tangled Up In Blues
Just moved to Ohio after 20 years in New Jersey. I found your show the first night. It takes me back to my old Chicago roots. Looking forward to spending a lot of Sunday nights listening.


Name - Bill H.
Subject - Blues
I just moved from Salem to the Washington DC area...Getting settled in and fortunately I can still live stream TUIB . I'm sending this email because I have at least 10 of my new co-workers turned on to WKBN Saturday night blues. They absolutely love it!  Please forward this to whoever is in charge. I'm proud to be from Youngstown! Cornel, can you send us some Tshirts? Yours in the blues. Bill 
11:35pm 8-27-16


Hey Cornel, 


​From: "Walter in Windy City" 
Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2016 12:48am
Subject: Hello from Chicago 
Hey Cornel. I met you a Buddy Guy’s in July. Sorry it took me so long to write an email. I’ve been listening to Tangled Up In Blues via IHeart on my phone for the last couple of months. YOU HAVE A GREAT FREAKIN’ SHOW! I can’t find that kinda blues here in Chicago on the radio. They just play the same ole same ole. You work the “new” in with the “old”. Tell your boss that 2 hours ain’t enuff!!! Where can I get a t-shirt?
Hope to talk music with you again next time you come into town.  Thanks for the blues. It keeps old cats like me very happy!
PS: It’s cool you put the shows on your website. I just downloaded the one with BG as your guest!

From: "Boomer The Dog" 
Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2014 11:10 PM
Subject: Great blues 
Hi, I was tuning around AM and found you guys on 570, and thought wow, there'ssome cool music on AM, have to hear what this is! So unusual, I thought you guysmight have been a pirate station, since they have all the good music.. :) My radiois a GE clock radio. I'm listening in Pittsburgh PA, to Joe Bonamassa tonight, and hearing bluesthrough an AM station with some noise. This is how it must have sounded inthe classic radio days...

Thanks for the cool show and I'll be listening to Tangled Up In Blues! 


From: "Liz Mandeville" 
Sent: Friday, October 24, 2014 8:26 PM
Subject: Thanks!! 

​Hey, Just wanted to personally thank you for spinning my CD, Heart 'O' Chicago. Awesome playlist, I'm glad to be a part of your show. Keep your flag waving!!

Liz Mandeville


From: "Gena T"
Sent: Thursday, August 7, 2014 7:38 PM
To: ""
Subject: Joe Grushecky
Thanks so much for broadcasting and supporting Joe and the Houserockers live. It sounded excellent. That's a nice broadcast you have I will be tuning in from now on. 
You are right he is one of the worlds best kept secrets (sadly). I'm lucky since I live in Pittsburgh and started following Joe in the 80's. I have more opportunities to see him than most but I think people take him for granted sometimes too.
Thanks again.


From: "Joseph G"
Sent: Saturday, July 12, 2014 11:02 PM
Subject: Contact Us: Good program!!!!

I'm listening from Bay City, MI. on 570. I am a broadcast engineer,  and an avid radio and audio person.
If you could please, play Tinsley Ellis next Saturday after 10pm local."The Last Song" would be good .   

Reception is very good, as I experiment with loops and various receivers. Joe, (On the Saginaw Bay)


From: "linda v"
Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2014 7:07 PM
Subject: Contact Us: the blues 
one magic night a few years ago I discovered your show. I'm a fan of the talk shows on WKBN, and here was this wonderful music I'd never really been "into" before. What a shame I'd missed out all these years! I look forward every Saturday evening to laying back enjoying some of the most fantastic rhythms and voices I've ever heard. Hope to attend a blues concert now. Best wishes, keep up the great work


From: Jim D

Sent: Monday, January 27, 2014 2:16 PM


Subject: Compilation CD



I love to listen every Sunday night.   I have to drop my son off at his mother's every Sunday and I catch a good 40
minutes of the show every week. I was thinking how wonderful it would be if you could release CDs of the show. Every playlist, every week, or maybe a volume a month or maybe a rarities compilation. I'm sure the rights to the music and all the paper work would be a chore but I believe there is a market for it. Blues on the radio isn't what it was in Wolfman Jack's days or Alan Freed. There is a certain nostalgia and history that is captured within the world of blues that is almost non-existent today.


Thankfully Cornel Bogdan captures that every week on the show. To get a rare recording of some blues guys jamming at some bar is the greatest. 50 years from now if I could throw my CD of 'Tangled Up in Blues'
in and reminisce of airwaves of the past like the old blues lovers do today would be special. I'm 34 years, I love blues like an old man from the 60's. I don't want it to be dead. I love Tangled Up in Blues.






From: Simply Sandy

Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 2:13 PM

Subject: TUIB Father's Day

My Dad's name is Pete. He's 90 years old and healthy as a horse! He's a grandpa, great grandpa, and father of 3 beautiful girls--especially this old broad. My Dad once played blackjack in Las Vegas with Elvis' manager Colonel Tom Parker, so I think he deserves a t-shirt. Don't you? Thank you!




From: Rachel P.

Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2013 2:44 PM

Subject: T-shirt

Me & my Husband moved to Columbus 2 years ago to be closer to our 2 sons at Ohio State. My husband's name is Gary. He still listen to TUIB every Sunday on the computer. He has a bunch of his friends hooked too. He would love a t-shirt. We really miss the Youngstown area. We still have alot of great friends & relatives there. Your show really needs to be on the radio down here in Columbus. Who can we write to?

Best Wishes.

Rachel & Gary

Sent: Saturday, June 08, 2013 12:41 PM

Subject: BB King tix giveaway drawing


     Words can not express how grateful the Missus & I are for last nite.  We both feel as though we saw one of those once in a lifetime events. Mr. King (out of respect I'll no longer call him BB) was warm, gratuitous, friendly and interacting with the crowd. To me it was like attending a family reunion where everyone is having a good time enjoying each others company. The venue was superb, the audience engaging and downtown Akron safe and clean.

Peace & chicken grease bud,

Stew.   ;) 


From: "Walter Morosko"
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2012 4:17 PM
To: ""
Subject: Hello from Sky King

Hello to everyone at 93.3 The Wolf, I am Walter Morosko the lead guitarist and vocalist from the L.A. band Sky King and I wanted to send a big thank you for playing our song "Waiting for my Baby" on sunday Oct. 7 on the Tangled up in Blues show! The station is really great, and you have some new online listeners out here in L.A. now. I grew up in the Youngstown area and it is so good to see you guys keeping Ytown rocking and in the Blues. We are in the last stages of packaging the CD and getting excited about releasing it soon. So all the best to 93.3 The Wolf and thank you again! Walter Morosko and Sky King


Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 2:19 PM
Subject: Went to see mr dylan tues evening...

Just really wanted to express a heartfelt thanx for bringing mr dylan to youngstown!
oh my god what an amazing show! !! Thats why he is still the master!
Jerry/Sharon, Pa.


From: Greg Y
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 9:12 AM
To: Tangled Up In Blues
Subject: Tangled Up In Blues HD

This weekend I inherited my sons Zune, which I guess had become passee with the evolution off the iPod (which I despise because of the hijacking of the format completed by the apple software ).
In any event, the Zune allowed me to discover 93.3 HD2. I was blown away and felt like I was given a gift!
I've always thought the area needed a full time blues station...and there it was. Its awesome. Thanks to you and whoever else is responsible for the station and its programming.!


Thu 12/29/2011 10:20 AM
To: Tangled Up In Blues

Cornel , Are you doing a show New Years Night ? Was on my way home from Toledo Christmas so I didn't catch much of the last show . Got 2 new CDs through work rewards  Ana Popovic and Gary Moore Live both due to hearing them on your show . I used to just catch it once in a while but now I make an effort to listen every week . And I'm trying to pass it on . If we're fishing on Milton or West Branch we listen while we're trolling . Keep up the great work . Your show is truly one of a kind .   Bill Cline


From: mashedpotatoe
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 1:08 PM
To: "Tangledupinblues"

I cannot express how happy i am right now and how happy my brother is going to be. Thank you so much!!!! I truly appreciate your generosity. Tangled up in blues has brought me so much happiness, i am truly blessed. Thank you again. Please have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic new years. Be safe, healthy and happy. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Cheers, amanda :O)


From: Ana Popovic 
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2011 4:34 PM
To: Bogdan, Cornel
Subject: Tangled Up In Blues/Youngstown, Ohio

Hi dear!
it's so great to hear from you!! I miss you!
we're in Sioux Falls and getting ready for the soundcheck.
Thanks so much for playing my stuff... 
I'm recording next week, in New Orleans, an  all-blues record! You're gonna like that I promise...  :-)
How are you holding up in these winter times?... man, it is cold over here!!
Anyway, hopefully we'll meet up soon again
best of luck to you, and keep on bluesin'


Sent: Friday, December 3, 2010 1:02am
Subject: CB, i luv your Ping, man!

hey, CB,

the show's awesome, brother. it makes me smile. you look marvelous on the
radio[head]. i dig them too; groovy, combustion-able, it's kooky...

...anyway, it is Christmas Time for C*****sakes! can u please play the g**damned
song? please?

cheers, Mate. Lisa and i send our very best wishes for all good mojo 2 come your
way... caio, uncle dick II


Sent: Monday, June 21, 2010 8:04 PM
Subject: gratitude

aaah yes, Cornel... 

Sunday night - the last night before Summer.. kickin' back at the for us guys,wine for the women...and  the Ventilator Blues comin' through  loud and clear over the radio.. Maybe it could have been better , but I cannot think for the life of me how.

Thanks for the request from me and from good neighbor, Brent.

Joe and Co.



From: "Fast Ronnie"
Sent: Sunday, January 10, 2010  9:22 PM

Subject: Hey Cornel.
We shoot pool every Sunday night in Warren. None of us are very good, but we can sure drink alot of beer!   We always have your show on. It KICKS serious ASS! Best thing on the radio hands down.  Anything you play by Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Allmans, SRV, or Albert King is always appreciated.

We turn it up real loud! peace n chicken grease back at ya.

Yours in blues, Ronnie.

Before I forget, where's a good place to buy blues music?


From: "North East Micro Association"
Sent: Sunday, October 11, 2009 3:00 PM
To: tangledupinblues@
Subject: Thanks Cornel!!

        A sincere "Thanks" and a tip of the hat to you.  Having the opportunity to see the "King" was fantastic!!!  It was a top five experience for me to date!!  To top things of, B. B. broke into "You are my sunshine", funny as it seems, it has extra special meaning to me!!   Hope to catch you at the Dash for Anna!!
Jim Stiles
a.k.a.  Kid Kahuna


From: "Scott W"
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 11:22 PM
To: tangledupinblues@
Subject: Blues Web Request '97 I fell 25' from a ladder at work and broke my neck in 6 places and totally damaged my right side of my body and try as I may, my ability to play is I still vicariously live the blues through others playings...I love all types of music but the blues just reaches me in such a deep way it helps alleviate the constant pains I feel since my accident and when I discovered the 'tangled up in blues show' I was so ecstatic, and totally blown away.

...just thanks for hearing me out, and keep the blues a comin' as it is like a tonic for all my ailments :)
To me, I'd tell people to save going out, crank the tuib shows, and save paying cover charges, getting watered down drinks...and just share the vibe of good blues with your friends.


From: Dana L. mailto:l****r@**********.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 17:01
To: tangledupinblues
Subject: Blues Show

Okay dude. This  is gonna sound creepy and weird but just bear with me. I’m driving home Sunday night, in the dark, knot in my stomach, naturally worried about finances etc. I’m listening to Tangled Up in Blues when suddenly that great DJ  (Cornel something) plays a song that I think is titled “Have A Little Faith in Me”...It was absolutely the most beautiful song and couldn’t have hit me at a better time.   Earlier that day in a bit of a panic I asked God to just let me know He was there.  And man.  It was as if God was talking to me through the radio.  (I’m sure God knows if he wants to reach me he’s gotta go through music) Anyway I just wanted to let you know that your little radio show had a very big impact on somebody else.  Thanks so much!



Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 11:23 AM
Subject: Norman Nardini e-Newsletter- Issue #5 - December 2008

Tangled Up With Norman

Each and every Sunday night you can get your Norman fix on Youngstown, Ohio's WNCD 93.3 FM the Wolf. The Tangled Up In Blues Show airs from 7:00 - 9:00 PM and features the best national & local blues music. It is hosted by ole friend, Cornel Bogdan who asked Norman to put together a little something for his theme song. With a little direction from Cornel and a little help from George the Greek on drums, it all came together. Check it out here:


From: T, Sonny
Sent: Monday, December 1, 2008 12:05 AM
Subject: November 30th show

I'm not a letter writer kinda guy, but I just wanted to let you know how damn good the show was Sunday night!

3 of my favorites: The Black Keys, Muddy Waters, Lucinda Williams all in one night...HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

Although I live out here in Oklahoma, I have lots of family in Ohio--Akron, Wadsworth, East Liverpool--so I know your area well.

Keep those blues coming. I know you will. Peace & Chicken Grease back at ya.

Go Sooners!

Did you know we have a blues hall of fame out here?


From: "Stacie P."
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008 8:21 PM
Subject: giveaway.

 Hi Cornel.
Please enter me in the HD Radio giveaway.
I love your show. I listen every Sunday night. I don't think I've missed one in about 2 years--no kidding. The Muddy Waters tribute this past week was incredible. I'm a single Mom in Cranberry Twp, Pa. My kids really keep me busy. I spend most of my money on them, so I don't have alot left over for myself (sounds like a blues song, doesn't it?) So winning the HD radio would be a nice little present for myself.
Keep on playing the blues.
Stacie P.


From: John Hollingshead
Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2007 4:14 PM
To: tangledupinblues
Subject: July 29 Show

I am a Maryland resident but was travelling through Ohio and Pennsylvania on July 29 and was fortunate to dial in your show.  What a treat!  As a lover of blues, I know how rare it is to find a radio show dedicated to the blues.  It is even rarer to find a show like yours that mixes classics with great new tunes.
One of the songs you played during that show sounded so good that I tried to write the name down while I was driving, but only wrote down "Jungle" (and your website).  If you could help me identify the name and artists for that song I would truly be in your debt!
TUIB NOTE: It's Walter Trout "Life In The Jungle"
6/17/2007  8:48pm
to: tangledupinblues
Thanks for the Ana Popovic interview you two!
My buddy and I saw her that night , an YOU, at the B&O. She was as, you know, totally amazing in every way. Thank you for the interview and keep up the good work.
But , hey! While I am here, can I get a request in? I think the Son Seals live CD, Spontaneous Combustion has to be one of the very best live blues albums I have heard. Would you please play a cut for me and my wife, Dee, some night soon. I especially like the one song with the blues flute in it. Not many blues tunes have a flute gettin' down now do they?
Your Tangled Up Fan,
Joe (Cortland)



From: Samantha Henry 
Sent: Tuesday, March 6, 2007 11:08pm
To: 'tangledupinblues'
Subject: You Tube...

Hey Cornel!
Long time no see. I'm living out here in Colorado. I LOVE IT! My husband is building homes & I'm teaching pre-school.
I was browsing You Tube. I started watching Tommy Castro videos. Guess what? You're a star! I attached the link.
Where is this show from? Send me out some TC if you get a chance. We're a long way from YSU, huh? I hope to
see you this summer.
Sam I Am.


From: "E-2 Airman J.L. Betra/101st Airborne Division"
To: <>
Date: Tuesday February 20, 2007  (00:05)
Subject: We got the blues!
Thank You guys for streaming again! There are 6 of us from NE, Ohio/Western Pa. with my division.
IRAQ SUCKS! I will never go to the beach again. I hate SAND! We've been here for over 6 months. It's gonna be awhile until we get our walking papers. We got the blues 24/7. Listening to The Wolf makes us feel closer to home. no s#$t, it really does. I never thought I would miss Champion.
PLEASE play some JOHN LEE HOOKER. I know you like him. (boom boom; boogie chillen; one bourbon, one scotch;
house rent boogie; mad man blues; big legs tight skirt--Gotta cook with the Hook!)
Anything will do. PS: I bought a bike from Andrews about 3 years ago. I can hardly wait to  get my assbon it again. Tell the guys at Andrews they are the coolest. When we get free time we all punch up on the laptop. Shitty speaker, but it does the job. Have a stogie for us. The Wolf still ROCKS! Hope you get this.


From: Bill Wecks
Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 12:57
Subject: The Blues.

We really love tangled up in blues. It's become a sunday night ritual at my house.
I finally made it to the B&O for a blues event. I missed Duarte, I missed the summer bluesfest, I missed Lonnie Brooks...Shit!
But I think Guitar Shorty made up for it! What a great night of live blues. It's a perfect place to see the blues.
Shorty blew us away. That bastard can really play. He talked to me & my buddy for quite awhile.
We will definitely be back!
My wish list:
Bernard Allison
SSide Johnny & the jukes
Derek Trucks
Ronnie baker brooks.
Bill in Greenville, Pa.


From: "Common, Dan"
Subject: The Blues Alliance

Casy and Cornel, I play harmonica for the Blues Alliance and I really want
to thank you for playing "I Don't Have to Sing the Blues" a few weeks ago.
I was riding in the car with my 3 sons and they thought it was really cool to
hear their dad's band on the radio...If you are ever in the Alliance/Canton area on a Saturday night for some
strange reason, stop in and check us out.
Thanks, Dan Common


From: Carol Simms
Sent: Monday, June 12, 2006 4:06 PM
Subject: Magic Slim!!!!
What a dynamite show Saturday night at Salty Grog's!
I had no idea how good Magic Slim is. (Sorry, I'm a 1st-timer.)
I feel like moving to Chicago. Keep on playing those blues.


To Cornel,

Thanks for the great intro you gave us at the Chris Duarte concert. We appreciated playing for the crowd and to show some people what we can do. Hope we impressed all the right people so we can come back and perform again. Here is our web link, please post it on your site: If you know any clubs in the area that are looking for bands to play at their place, please drop our name and tell them to contact us.

P.S. Hope you enjoyed the 'Fuente', I'll have another one for you when we see each other again.

Thanks again,
Chico C.
Sleepin' Dogz



Just dropping you a line  to let you know listening to Tangled Up In Blues is the BEST blues Show I'VE EVER Listened to!  The music is soothing and the ads are just a crack up. Keep them blues rolling my way as you got yourself a new listener.
Indee AKA Dee (Brisbane, Australia)
Dear Casey and Cornel:
 I wanted to say thank you for playing Shane Pruitt. I hope "Cried All Night Long" was well received.  I cannot say thank you enough.   Once we get the
complete CD done, I will let you know if that's okay.  We are trying to see if any record labels are interested.  If not, we will do it ourselves.  Wish us luck and thanks again. 
I hope the both of you have a Happy Holiday Season.
God Bless,
 Robbie Swofford
To :
Subject :  DAMN CORNEL


LY!!   GAIL (Girard, Ohio)


From: "Sammy Heyman"
Subject: Tangled Up In Blues
 "Please allow me to introduce myself..." -Sympathy For The Devil
 My name is Sammy Heyman, a blues nut from Houston, Texas, 
U.S.A. I listen to your show every Sunday night via your website.
Last night's show was incredible! I'm a huge Stones fanatic. The blues
tribute was great. How can I get a copy of last night's show?
Your faithful friend in Texas.

I wanted to tell you guys about some blues goin' down right here in New Castle. Every Saturday night at "The Villanova" on East Washington Street is a live blues band, usually from Pittsburgh. Bands like "Erin Burkette and the Mean Reds", Big Jake and the Phat Cats", "Andrea pearl and Black Magic", "Sweaty Betty", "Tony Janeflone" even, "Dave Iglar and the Uniters", just to name a few. I've been a happier girl ever since. My friends and I rarely miss a Saturday night there. They've started some other nights now too.
I'm a faithful listener of your show every Sunday night. Awesome show. Can't beat gettin' the blues with you guys. Thank you ~ Shannon in New Castle
----- Original Message -----
From: "June Floyd"
Subject: Request

You guys are better than anything on HBO!
Me & my friends get together every Sunday night and play Texas Hold Em and
blast the blues show.
Send some John Lee Hooker out to all of us listening in Greenville.
Love the blues!

----- Original Message -----
From: "Rudolph Moseley"
To: <>
Subject: blues

I went to the Average White Band show on Friday. AWB was great!
Do you guys have any blues shows coming into the cellar? Bring back
Southside Johnny and Joe Bonamassa real soon.
Throw some Muddy Waters on tonight.
----- Original Message -----
From: Felix Cat
hey cornel + casey thank u guys for putting on such a great show every Sunday.  It's become my own personal religon every sunday to fire up the grill crack open a few tall cold ones fire up a cigar and let the good time roll.  People that know me know that if they stop by at 7 to 9 on Sunday if they didn't come to jam then don't bother trying to talk cause i'm deep into my ritual.  thank you yall kindly 
i just found your "tangled up" website while searching the info on the mahoning river blues challenge......great site and it's good to have contact with someone in your area that is doing such great work in promoting the music we all love.......we are in our 17th year as a non-profit blues society here in columbus...
we look forward to working with you in the future.
herb sollars
columbus blues alliance vice president
Dear Casey and Cornel, Thank you so much for the "Tangled up in Blues" program every Sunday because without it I would never hear Johnny Winter. It was rare to hear anything by him on the radio until your show came along, again Thank you. I love blues music because of artists like Johnny Winter. I'm a 43-year-old mother of three kids whose been a devout fan of Johnny Winter since I was 11-years-old! I also love the blues because It's my release in my hectic life. Thank you again for the "Tangled up in Blues"show! Lisa Ugrin (Howland, Ohio)

From: Brent Johnson
To: ''
Subject: Thanks Cornel

Hey. This is Brent Johnson, the guitarist from Bryan Lee and the Blues Power Band. I just wanted to thank you again for being so cool to all of us last week, and for taking us to dinner and sharing some stories with us. It was really a pleasure that we’ll hopefully get to experience again the next time we swing through Ohio. If you want to keep in touch with us you can drop me a line at this e-mail address.

Yours in the Blues,

Brent Johnson


Cornel& Casey.

RE: Super Bowl Show

Clapton! Clapton! Clapton! Clapton! Clapton! Clapton! Clapton! Clapton! Clapton! Clapton!

Clapton! Clapton! Clapton! Clapton! Clapton! Clapton! Clapton! Clapton! Clapton! Clapton!

Greg& Teri in Salem



Casey& Cornel.

If you’re doing 2 fers, we better get 2 from Dylan.

You won’t like me if I get angry!

PS: I hate football.

Lonesome Doris in New Castle




(From website)
FROM: pam sutherland
STATE: Pennsylvania
MESSAGE: hey tommy and the band! 
   My Mom and I saw you guys yesterday at the cellar in struthers. I HAD SO MUCH FUN! thank you guys so much for coming to the area. I saw you perform for the first time when i was about 10 at station square in PBGH with BB King and Buddy Guy and John Hiatt. now, i'm 16 and play the blues guitar and i love it !! thank you for the inspiration. the last time i was able to see you perform was 2 years ago at the blues festival at the PBGH brewing company with marsha ball. and again you were FABULOUS! last night you said something to the effect of... thank god for the guys at 93.3 for having the guts to put blues on the radio and that most people don't because it might not be accepted well by the younger audience. well i'm happy to say we took a poll at my high school and 93.3 blues hour is the most listened to radio broadcast. WE LOVE YA! Keep on singin' and keep on Rockin' . Randy - I LOVE YOUR CD! Keep it wild. your friends and family are golden and your fans are silver but you guys are the diamond in the rough SHINE*
   yours truly,
     Pam K Sutherland 
Subject: Buddy Guy show

Cornel and Casey,
We listen to your show every week via the website. Me & my boyfriend love the blues!
We live in Orlando and are sick & tired of the rain!
We would be willing to fly into Cleveland for the Buddy Guy show (if you give us tickets!!!!)
Flights are cheap, and we can make a weekend out of it. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE BUDDY GUY!
Love your show.
Linda in soggy Orlando!
From: Robynn Pronesti
Subject: Please send me to the Buddy Guy concert!!!!

Hi Cornel and Casey,
My husband and I would love to go to the Buddy Guy concert at the House of Blues in Cleveland... We have been listening to your program for at least seven years, whether we were taking our oldest daughter back to college, and always on our way down to visit our families every Sunday night. We appreciate you keeping the "blues" alive!
Thanks again,

Roberta Pronesti
Mercer, Pa. 

Cordy's Cigar Box
Banner Supply

It ain't easy getting 93.3 in Weirton but I manage with this setup. The radio came out of the dumpster where I work. The CD player had quit and the antenna had broken off but the radio worked great so I decided  it would make a good back porch radio. Originally I spliced on an aftermarket antenna that had broken off the old 69 El Camino I once had (really). It was about 5 feet long when extended and pulled in the Wolf pretty well. After two years the original radio stub's swivel broke off from the weight of the long heavy antenna. Right now I'm using an old CB antenna with a load coil. I just clipped the lead to the old stub. I don't know why but it works even better. Hell, I could buy a new radio but I believe in re-cycling so this rig suits me fine...It don't matter how you listen to the blues, just listen. Thanks again brother!

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